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Refugees – A Modest Proposal

There can be no better or more welcoming approach to housing the remaining 8.000 Syrians and Iraqis than to dedicate a mere 30% of University-provided accommodation to doing good.


All of these are people #IllRideWith. For my safety? Perhaps. But more for engagement with their strength of character, and because they represent real bravery in a time of fakes.

Hume of the Week – Factions

Hume's 1741 view on faction fits nicely with contemporary intra-political party issues, and with concerns about the members of the political class.

Latin in Australia – Opponents, Proponents All Wrong

Knee jerk opponents and proponents of teaching Latin in Australia miss the fact parent, school and teacher cultures are what determine educational success.

ABC Hysterics Miss The Organisational Point

The Commonwealth needs to sh*t or get off the pot. Either do something that will make a difference to the ABC's perpetual propaganda, or spend your time somewhere else. Pretending to act may be this government's core competency everywhere except within 100km of Christmas Island, but all it does is piss away political capital for no benefit.

Liberal Party Councils Provoke Giggles Again

In the interests of transparency, Councils should be held in a restaurant with a lounge attached (and perhaps a back room or two). That way the real business of boozing, gladhanding, number crunching and building ever closer relations with party members of the appropriate sex could occur without the distraction of meeting procedure.

Liberal Party Membership – Where To Go?

Face it. Joining any political party is like choosing between starvation and eating rotten meat. You make the necessary choice, but that doesn't remove the smell or the lingering bad taste in your mouth. It's the price you pay for engaging beyond hashtags and well-applauded snide remarks at gatherings of humanities graduates.

Selling Liberal Party Membership

The latest membership renewal letter undermines the claim that membership of the Liberal Party is more important than ever. Rather, it reveals just how unimportant it really is.

First Steps to Better Service Delivery

There is no basis for claiming government must actually deliver services - only that it ensures they are delivered. The IPART review due in September is a great chance to address long term public sector delivery problems. If only BOF has the guts to sell and then execute the review findings.

Quadrant Editors Give Cover to David Flint

Professor David Flint can dish out the personal attack, the misquote and the illogical inference, but the Editors at Quadrant don't seem to think he can take being called out on it. That Quadrant backed off from a debate when one of their favourite sons was looking sickly is unforgivable.

Honours List – A Political Comms Disaster

Confirming your opponent’s narrative is about the worst thing a political communicator can do. So yesterday’s Honours List announcement was the single worst piece of political communication for a generation, surpassing even the infamous Latham-Howard handshake in 2004.

The Soft Incompetence of Low Expectations

The NSW Government is making a fuss over elective surgery waiting times. But the grand trumpeting of performance is more like a child's raspberry. Throw in ridiculously lax targets, broken processes, no use of technology, difficulty finding information and politicians who defend the department and you have...nightmare for our poorest.

Quadrant Online – The Pointless Push To Restore ‘QC’

My latest article at Quadrant Online addressing the problems Toff-Tories pose for practical conservatives. Practical conservatives should confront the Toff-Tory strawman used to demean and dismiss every argument against the soft-Left agenda. Reinstating the rank of Queen’s Counsel only makes that more difficult.

Online Opinion – All The Wrong Innovation

My latest article at OnlineOpinion on how government and academic approaches to innovation measure the wrong things, ignore the unseen, and propose the wrong solutions.  

The Real Insider Issue

Given the already-exposed union corruption, one wonders when an Occupy Trades Hall movement will start. Until then, we are the 82%.