The Freedom-for-Corporates Brigade Doesn’t Do Irony

An organisation focused on individual rights, choice and liberty could at least be upfront about excluding the unvaccinated.

Clive Palmer Lives Down to His Buffoonery

When all UAP has to do is seem vaguely sensible to capitalise on hatred for major parties, the buffoon tries to abolish the States.

Authoritarianism In the Raw

When you live under an authoritarian regime, it doesn’t really matter what its ideology is. What matters is how it squashes you.

Hardworking Public Sector Heroes

Our hardworking public sector heroes got a promo for the 2021 BMWiX, running up to $170,000. Because, as you know, we are all in this together.

What Gibbering Fame-Whores Journalists Are

There are no star reporters working for nightly news. But fame-whore journalists club together for status when citizens disrespect them.

Goebbels-Sponges – How Much People Know and Why They Vax

They repeat slogans of vaccinate for freedoms, to keep a job, for holidays. They are nice people, but they are ignorant Goebbels-sponges.

Just How Bad Was the Data For FDA Vaccine Booster Meeting?

17 Sept presentations to the FDA reinforce concerns about Covid boosters. Give us true long-term data. Stop the spin.

How Tested and Approved Are Our Covid Treatments?

Three of four Covid treatments aren't TGA-approved and are used off-label. Our evidence is terrible. So is the evidence against Ivermectin.

Now Let’s Pull Apart Covid Hospitalisations

Preprint study shows 52% of Covid hospitalisations meet criteria for moderate-to-severe disease. Are hospitalisations reliable or gamed?

The Daily Telegraph Is Run By Unethical Cowards

In 175 words Ben English and the Daily Telegraph prove themselves unethical propagandists and bullying cowards. Perfect News Ltd employees.

UK Data – Will NSW Liberal Backbenchers Finally Act with Honesty and Reason?

August PHE Covid Surveillance shows vaccinated over-40s catch more SARS-CoV-2 than unvaccinated. That means vaccine passports are pointless

AEC, Major Parties on Same Page Against Grassroots

The AEC and major parties are threatening grassroots political activity - one through legislation, the other through sloth and incompetence.

Crawford on Vaccine-Induced Deaths and Ignored Safety Signals

Robust analysis shows vaccine-induced deaths may be hidden in Covid death statistics, and the CDC vaccine safety signals don't work.

Gladys Flees Media Conferences

Starting Monday, no more media conferences from NSW Premier Gladys and CMO Chant . I'll miss their ignorance, misinformation and incompetence.

Archbishop Fisher Steps Up

Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, has stepped up and expressed the openness and acceptance of a true Christian.