ABC Hysterics Miss The Organisational Point

So Janet Albrechtsen and Neil Brown have been appointed, not to the ABC Board, but to the ABC Board Nomination Panel. Ho hum.

The ridiculous responses to these appointments reveal two things: just how the Left views the ABC as its plaything, and how little they really understand about changing organisational culture.

To focus on the second, there is no doubt that in large organisations, personnel is policy. You can talk about leadership and strategic alignment till you are blue in the face, but if you don’t have people who support your vision from senior management to supervisors, forget it.

KPIs, bonuses, reports, oversight, audit and pseudo-transparency will do nothing if those people oppose your changes. The only way to make real change is to replace those who oppose with those who support the change.

If you doubt it, look at how little any public service really changes when there is a change in government. And governments have the power to make change, unlike a Nomination Panel.

So the hysterics are overblown. The workshop for Leftists sheltering from the real world will continue. It would continue even if the Board itself had a conservative majority. Because appointments at that level will have no effect on the hiring and firing of Leftist fellow travellers from receptionist to radio host. Even if there were a spill and re-application process, guess what? Oddly enough, the experience of the incumbents would perfectly match the selection criteria, much as is the case with spills in the broader public service. Same faces popping up, culture not changing a jot.

Which also makes the decision to appoint Albrechtsen and Brown pointless in the first place.

The Commonwealth needs to sh*t or get off the pot. Either do something that will make a difference to the ABC’s perpetual propaganda, or spend your time somewhere else.  Pretending to act may be this government’s core competency everywhere except within 100km of Christmas Island, but all it does is piss away political capital for no benefit.

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