AFP Plays Pre-emptive Victim Card

Whatever the facts of last night’s shootings in Kings Cross involving two indigenous teens, AFP’s early take – as published in the West Australian  [since updated] with no additional byline – seems to lose a little news focus as it ends:


Adding that last paragraph serves exactly no valid journalistic purpose. Even if for an overseas audience, it adds little to the story.

It can only be intended to do one of two things: to pre-emptively excuse the behaviours of the teens, or the reported tendency towards rioting; or to pursue an anti-disadvantage agenda completely unrelated to the news being reported.

In either case, it’s dodgy activism masquerading as reporting from a news agency that much of our media trusts.  AFP and AAP have for a long time been activist players, often issuing skewed news items that have to be massaged into something approaching standard reporting.

It’s lousy journalism and lousy writing. I’ll say it again: and they wonder why we don’t trust them.

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