Archbishop Fisher Steps Up

I’ve been less than impressed with the faith-in-action of all our religious leaders over the past 18 months. But finally Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, has stepped up and expressed the openness and acceptance of a true Christian.

I’m atheist, and I find this statement inspiring.

In discussions with the NSW Government and NSW Health, I joined other religious leaders in insisting that worship is an essential service, not mere recreation for many people. We explained that all our faiths are inclined to allow all comers to worship, that many pastors and faithful would be uneasy with restricting worship to the fully vaccinated, and that doing so could prove very divisive. With Anglican Archbishop Kaniska Raffel, I would insist that “Jesus is Lord of all, and his gospel is a gospel for all. A ‘No Entry’ sign at the door of the church is wholly inconsistent with the Gospel preached inside.” Race, gender, ethnicity, age, education, wealth or health status (including vaccination) must not be points of division within the Christian community or barriers to communion with Christ Jesus. [my emphasis]

Message, 9 September

Yeah, in the previous months church leaders may have held back because they’re not data analysts, and by temperament they follow hierarchy. I don’t know.

And it is disappointing that Fisher adds the standard establishment signalling at the end of the message.

But this statement is exactly what a true Christian should have been saying for the past 18 months.

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