Be Warned. Your Government is About to Encourage Real Hate

If you think that the rhetoric about the unvaccinated is hateful now, wait till your Government and the media have to deal with a mass of breakthrough infections.

We’ve already seen governments label and demean people who choose to pass on Covid vaccination, and use inflammatory language to do it. We’ve already seen media figures not just misrepresent Covid data, but lie and attack the vaccine-hesitant in the process.

In both cases the behaviour stems from a combination of ignorance, spin-doctoring, spinelessness and outright evil. In media figures, it is clear that almost all of them are willing to sell their integrity and reputations for a few more moments of fame-whoring.

The messaging in the campaigns for vaccine passports explicitly claims that socialising with the unvaccinated is an unacceptable risk. This ignores the well-documented fact that the vaccinated can catch and transmit the virus…rendering the passports pointless. It also ignores the fact that the recovered but unvaccinated have better and longer-lasting immunity than the vaccinated.

But this is about to get worse.

All our governments, all our corporate media, and all our political parties have gone all-in on vaccination. They’ve promised all sorts of things for 70% or 80% adult vaccination rates.

So when vaccines fail and the vaccinated catch SARS-Cov-2, get hospitalised or die, they’re going to need a scapegoat.

We know who that will be. It’s started already with the pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Just when the wave of breakthroughs will arrive is unclear. If virus variants hit fast, it may be soon. If the vaccine holds efficacy for newer variants for the same period as for the Alpha variant, it may be in four or five months. It may not even be until the next flu season arrives in May 2022.

Whenever it is, all the vaccine pushers cannot allow responsibility for breakthrough infections and vaccinated deaths to fall on their shoulders. They’ve oversold too much, they’ve promised too much, they’ve pushed and coerced too hard.

Social media makes it clear that the ignorant and vindictive are ready for their two-minute hate. Sadly, this group is bigger and more virulent than I could have imagined.

When it comes, watch the truly evil like Dan Andrews, Anastasia Palaszczuk, David Elliott and Brad Hazard lead the pack of haters. Supported, of course, by spineless bureaucrats like Kerry Chant, Jeanette Young and Brett Sutton.

There will be hate, there will be ostracism, there will be inequality before the law. But anyone with a sense of political history will know, eventually there will also be retribution.

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