Berejiklian & Hazard Condemn Gandhi, Mandela and MLK: “Selfish Boofheads”

Enough said.

The March to Freedom has been renamed the Kill Granny Rally.

“These selfish fools are killing people in the ones and twos. Nothing, no freedom, no right is worth that. They deserve every $1,000 fine our wonderful bullies-in-blue are levying, just so we can pay for our fiscal incompetence,” said Health Hazard.

“These ignorant colonials need to understand they will be free when we, the Unprincipled Grifting Elite, decide they’ve been good enough to deserve it”, added Premier Binchicken. “Nothing justifies breaking a law that I, and I alone, have the power to apply and to revoke. The law, c’est moi.”

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