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Goebbels-Sponges – How Much People Know and Why They Vax

They repeat slogans of vaccinate for freedoms, to keep a job, for holidays. They are nice people, but they are ignorant Goebbels-sponges.

Gladys and Team Buried in The Political Bubble

Thinking a few photos on the Opera House matters when people are losing jobs, businesses and futures shows Liberals are buried in a bubble.

Archbishop Just Wants His Business Back

Archbishop Fisher is more concerned about reopening his business than right or wrong.

So, Smart People, NOW You Notice Vaccine Failure in Israel?

When the smart class talks about Covid vaccines, they should at least know what the issues are. Vaccine failure has been around for weeks, even months.

Who’s Selfish Now?

Australia has stolen Pfizer vaccine from poor countries for 2nd and 3rd doses to Australian voters. Who's selfish now?

Tin-eared Falinski Banality on Human Rights

Liberal hack Jason Falinski is an intellectual vacuum in a suit. Banality on Afghan human rights? Check. Abused Australian rights? Silence.

Lazy, Arrogant, Ill-informed – Experts

Four different "experts" reveal their arrogance, laziness, and ignorance over Covid.

The Real Covid Problem is the Media

Journos describing the policy failure over Covid never call out the real problem - the media itself, and its stupid and craven journos.

Paul Murray – A Loud, Empty Vessel

SkyNews’ Paul Murray has revealed himself as an empty vessel over Covid lockdown protests and vaccines.