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Tattoo Taste

If a tattoo design isn't something you'd consider good enough to put on your living room wall, the question is, why would you put it on your body? In a permanent way? Do people even ask themselves that question?

Some Hobbies Are More Equal Than Others

When the current Federal government spends $740 million on arts and culture each year, you'd think those painters and sculptors and dramaturgs and video masturbators would be reasonably happy. That doesn't even include State and Local government cash. But no. And their Greens protectors want more.

A Curmudgeon and The Creativity of Limits

A mate mentioned the other day that his internal response  to many of my posts was: You’re probably right, but for God’s sake, go get laid. Apart from the fact that as a critique it is probably true of most men in their forties, he has a point. When I started this blog I considered […]

Curation and Customer Focus

Museum and monument curation has come a long way since the days of a glass case, pins and bugs. But not quite far enough. We have audio guides, information panels, numbered maps and the obligatory bookshop and café at the exit. It adds a great deal to the experience, no doubt. But it could be […]

Museum as Reliquary

It is pretty trite these days to compare art to religion. Every man and his dog has observed the hushed tones spoken in museums, the pilgrimages to collections and the willingness to cede taste to a priestly caste of critics and art historians who mediate our connection to the godhead. People seem to fix on […]