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Climate, Covid and The Precautionary Principle Fraud

What Covid and Climate reveal is that the Precautionary Principle is just fear-driven propaganda given a pretentious academic name.

A Declining Religious Test For Office

When a politician publicly avers that he "is still a believer in" something, it is a marker of a religious man appealing to religious prejudices. So Graham Richardson's climate confirmation is disturbing.

Gleeful Embrace of Others’ Suffering

Mark Thoma is an ideological economist. Most are; economists in general come to economics with their politics fixed, looking to rationalise what they already believe (harsh call). But Prof Thoma is up there with econ-shrieker Krugman, and occasional over-the-topper Brad DeLong. Thoma approvingly quotes another economist, Robert H Frank, writing in the NY Times about […]

The Speech You’ll Never Hear

It is distressing that this speech extract will only ever be hypothetical. What Australian political leader will utter even the first sentence? To be fair, I know a few politicians who would if they were given free reign. On both sides of politics.   This government commits to delivering cheap energy to our citizens and […]

Hume of the Week

Faced with climate catastrophism and all it has spawned, I am led to Hume’s concern with religion of his period: In all ages of the world, priests have been enemies to liberty; and it is certain, that this steady conduct of theirs must have been founded on fixed reasons of interest and ambition.  Liberty of […]

The Coming Season of Teflon Fools

James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis, has begun a backtrack on anthropogenic global warming alarmism. See here and here. There is too much to say about intellectual and political failures on climate over the past 25 years, so I’ll have to confine myself to a single point: The next five years are going to […]

Sea Levels Around Sydney

Bit slow off the mark here, but worth looking at this paper  in the Journal of Coastal Research on sea levels from Watson at the NSW Dept of Environment, Climate Change and Water. Based on tide gauge records. From the Abstract: The analysis reveals a consistent trend of weak deceleration at each of these gauge […]