Covid Archive

Three Generations of Pretend Politicians

Our leaders haven’t done real politics with real consequences for three generations. Now they’re facing the real deal, they’re not up to it.

Making Their Own Revolution

NSW Government and police are making their own revolution by removing any reasonable, peaceful way of expressing political grievances.

Archbishop Just Wants His Business Back

Archbishop Fisher is more concerned about reopening his business than right or wrong.

When Allies Are Your Worst Enemy

There are legitimate reasons to attack the policy responses to Covid-19. We don’t need bullshit that can be used against us in a PR war.

Unintended Consequences Will Rule

Covid policy in Australia is panicked, half-arsed, and fails to consider unintended consequences. Pretty much standard for our bureaucrats.

Gladys Stars in Policy Incompetence

Gladys and her team leaked a vaccine policy today. The policy is an incentive for people who want to stay unvaccinated to stay unvaccinated

So, Smart People, NOW You Notice Vaccine Failure in Israel?

When the smart class talks about Covid vaccines, they should at least know what the issues are. Vaccine failure has been around for weeks, even months.

Moving Covid Vaccine Target Designed to Fail?

The Covid vaccine targets set by National Cabinet are either ridiculous or unlikely next to the experience of comparable countries.

Who’s Selfish Now?

Australia has stolen Pfizer vaccine from poor countries for 2nd and 3rd doses to Australian voters. Who's selfish now?

Climate, Covid and The Precautionary Principle Fraud

What Covid and Climate reveal is that the Precautionary Principle is just fear-driven propaganda given a pretentious academic name.

No, Wine Mums, The Vaccine Won’t Give You Your Cosmos and Holidays Back

Wine mums believed the PR that the vaccine is a passport to the old Insta-life. Well, you were stupid, you were had, and you should be embarrassed.

Early Evidence of Delta Variant Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

August 9 2021 preprint article in the Journal of Infection reports Infection-enhancing antibodies for the Delta variant

Sunk Cost, Commitment, Consistency and Covid

Common emotional and cognitive biases lie behind much of what's wrong with Covid public debate.

Do Your Research – Covid Style

What Covid-vaxxers think "Do your research" means, and what it actually means.

Lazy, Arrogant, Ill-informed – Experts

Four different "experts" reveal their arrogance, laziness, and ignorance over Covid.