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Mandatory Vaccine is a Gift to Homeschooling and Education Reform

Thousands of trained, principled teachers in the job market can drive unprecedented education reform.

The indoctrination factories may be less effective than we fear

Indoctrination from school scolds – and the overweening hypocrisy of the gender, racial and other narratives they push – are creating spontaneous, if cynical, teenage conservatives.

Latin in Australia – Opponents, Proponents All Wrong

Knee jerk opponents and proponents of teaching Latin in Australia miss the fact parent, school and teacher cultures are what determine educational success.

HECS Rort and the Middle Class

$6.2bn of the outstanding HECS debt is now deemed uncollectable. This is no surprise when middle class housewives, out of the workforce, take 3 year degrees in their fifties and then defer fee payment. Since they will never work again, that money is gone. Time to fix this regressive rort.

Again, PolComms After The Fact

We have the argument on education spending we needed 2 years ago, one week after announcement of cuts. In an op-ed, in a Sunday paper, that the mainstream media will almost certainly ignore. Primacy and recency people. First media message, last media message is what is remembered. Ask people now what they know of the […]


Steve Kates at Catallaxy Files and assorted other Austrian-influenced economists have been banging on about how it can be misleading   to drive policy based on the national accounting identity  Y=C+I+G (and extensions). At its most banal the identity implies that – in theory – total income in an economy equals total expenditure. It’s the […]

Gonski GosPlan Comeback

We need to address our education failures. Our government needs to recognise that money won’t do it. And to realise that GosPlan-like 15 year  targets  plastered over  a dysfunctional system will achieve nothing. It is a iron law – perhaps Falk’s Second Iron Law – that public sector producers will always claim poor quality product […]

Dissent Is Only Good If You’re Winning

The New Left is overplaying the outrage game so badly that in years to come it will be a study in propaganda failure. Away from the shaping and scolding of their teachers, one can imagine the teen contempt students would have for the constant shock, outrage, inhalations and fake swooning our opinionistas  pass off as […]

Curation and Customer Focus

Museum and monument curation has come a long way since the days of a glass case, pins and bugs. But not quite far enough. We have audio guides, information panels, numbered maps and the obligatory bookshop and café at the exit. It adds a great deal to the experience, no doubt. But it could be […]

Stupidest Euro-Organisation Ever

Just when concerns are increasing about the effects of widespread government funding and control of scientific research, up pops the idea of ScienceEurope. And just at the time that the Euro-cratisation of national agencies is coming most into question. And just when the decline of productivity-enhancing innovation is hitting the developed world. Check out the […]

Honorary Doctorates An Award Too Far

It’s time to retire the honorary doctorate. They diminish both the institution awarding them, and the person receiving them. Whether it’s John Howard or Kylie Minogue, the honorary doctorate is merely a statement that the nomination committee likes someone. And that the University is desperate for some celebrity to rub off, fall on the ground, […]

Strange Idea of an Achievement Gap

The OECD Directorate for Education reports on educational achievement on a gender basis. Interestingly, the text  includes a strange idea of an achievement gap (my emphasis): There’s no denying it: when it comes to education and employment, women are on a roll, all over the world.  As described in the latest issue of the OECD’s […]