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What Gibbering Fame-Whores Journalists Are

There are no star reporters working for nightly news. But fame-whore journalists club together for status when citizens disrespect them.

Goebbels-Sponges – How Much People Know and Why They Vax

They repeat slogans of vaccinate for freedoms, to keep a job, for holidays. They are nice people, but they are ignorant Goebbels-sponges.

The Daily Telegraph Is Run By Unethical Cowards

In 175 words Ben English and the Daily Telegraph prove themselves unethical propagandists and bullying cowards. Perfect News Ltd employees.

Gladys Flees Media Conferences

Starting Monday, no more media conferences from NSW Premier Gladys and CMO Chant . I'll miss their ignorance, misinformation and incompetence.

Don’t Let The Media Get Away With It

John Barilaro's latest gaffe reveals unjustified authoritarian policy driven by the media. Don't let the media get away with it. I won't.

Be Warned. Your Government is About to Encourage Real Hate

When breakthrough Covid infections hit, to protect themselves Government and media will incite hatred of the unvaccinated.

Feel Stupider? EU, Sweden Ban Highly-Vaccinated Vaccine Passport Holders

Even highly-vaccinated, three-dose-Pfizer, vaccine-passport-crazy Israel is banned for Covid case explosion. Vaccines to get out of gaol? Ha!

Covid Natural Immunity: Kerry Chant is Either a Liar, or Woefully Ignorant

Today Kerry Chant proved herself to be either a liar, or utterly ignorant of recent Covid research on natural immunity - which is her choice.

An Almost Decent Question Reveals Chief Medical Officer Spin

A reporter's question accidentally revealed breakthrough Covid infections, and that Chief Medical Officers are just second-rate spin doctors.

Lazy, Arrogant, Ill-informed – Experts

Four different "experts" reveal their arrogance, laziness, and ignorance over Covid.

The Key to Covid Gaol Fails, Again

We've all heard the vaccine is the key to Covid gaol. The CDC doesn't think so.

Preprint Pfizer Vaccine Study Shows No Difference in Covid Deaths

Preprint of Pfizer Covid vaccine study shows it has no effect on death rates. And infection protection is dropping already.

Questions No-one Asked Today – 30-7-21

As usual, journos questioning Glass-Jaw Gladys and Zombie Bureaucrat Chant managed to prove themselves both craven and stupid. Just one of these questions would have been nice.

The Real Covid Problem is the Media

Journos describing the policy failure over Covid never call out the real problem - the media itself, and its stupid and craven journos.

Paul Murray – A Loud, Empty Vessel

SkyNews’ Paul Murray has revealed himself as an empty vessel over Covid lockdown protests and vaccines.