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Media Verbs

Redefining verbs, media-style. Proper nouns do make it into the dictionary: Mrs Malaprop and Mr Crapper provide a couple of examples. Given time, some of our media performers may make a similar contribution. [Update: use in a sentence and 12+ added]  To Hartcher: to devalue your own reputation while seeking to protect that of a […]

Competition And Local Press Freedom

I’m all for a competitive media sector offering a range of choices to media consumers. But in one case media competition can actually make it harder for media outlets to publish fearlessly. Regional and suburban newspapers, local radio and website directories all rely heavily on local Council advertising. And, on occasion, on grants. All Councils […]

When Reporters Are Worse Than Activists

Look, I’m a partisan for centre-Right, free market policies. I’m a former candidate for the Liberals, and still active. But I can say something like: I’m not happy with the policy moves being taken under pressure from agrarian protectionists and mercantilist-populists in some sections of the Liberal Party. I’m a Party member and activist and […]

Discretion, Honour and Social Media

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and just plain writing all place real tension in my social and professional life. As someone who serves senior private and public sector clients there is a real conflict between my interest in policy and productivity issues and the confidentiality I feel is a central part of my relationship with them. There […]

The Fairfax Readers’ Dictionary I

In past months it seems words have developed a different meaning, especially from our Fairfax-reading friends: Minister for Communications:  Editor Media Standards:  Media Control Social licence  to operate:  ALP licence to operate Socially acceptable outcomes:  That which keeps Steve Gibbons, Swanny and Marieke Hardy in a job Independence:  An ideology espoused when losing other people’s […]

Murdoch Fixation Symptom of Larger Failures

The always-direct Brendan O’Neill takes on the Left’s fixation with Rupert Murdoch in a book review at Spiked: It sounds eerily like conspiracy theorising. The language precisely echoes that which is used by the 9/11 truthers and Obama birthers who lurk in the underbelly of the interweb: it shares with them a belief that there […]

10 Year Use-By On Journalists As Well

Political leaders start to lose it a bit after a decade. The hunger, energy, capacity to build rapport with the electorate starts to fail. Think Hawke, Howard, Blair, the last years of most two-term US Presidencies. Leading journalists have similar issues. They get metaphorically (in some cases, literally) fat and complacent. They slip into the […]

Hume of the Week

Faced with climate catastrophism and all it has spawned, I am led to Hume’s concern with religion of his period: In all ages of the world, priests have been enemies to liberty; and it is certain, that this steady conduct of theirs must have been founded on fixed reasons of interest and ambition.  Liberty of […]

AFP Plays Pre-emptive Victim Card

Whatever the facts of last night’s shootings in Kings Cross involving two indigenous teens, AFP’s early take – as published in the West Australian  [since updated] with no additional byline – seems to lose a little news focus as it ends: […] Adding that last paragraph serves exactly no valid journalistic purpose. Even if for […]

And They Wonder Why We Don’t Respect Them

Trayvon Martin’s death has been overshadowed by the media corruption surrounding its reporting. And it is corruption, especially at America’s NBC, where a 911 recording was deliberately edited to make George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin, appear racist. Just as a vindictive Left narrative wanted him to appear, pushed along by Rev Al Sharpton […]

In Praise of Ridicule

September and November of 2011 saw  the West celebrate success in preventing further terrorist attacks following 9/11. However, we have no real victory over terror. Rather, as the case of Molly Norris shows, in art, in comedy and in speech we have forfeited much. We live in a society where artists cannot speak freely for […]