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Lazy, Arrogant, Ill-informed – Experts

Four different "experts" reveal their arrogance, laziness, and ignorance over Covid.

VisitMalta Goes Off Early on Covid Herd Immunity

Official tourist site VisitMalta claimed the island had herd immunity in May 2021. Vaccine failure bit them in the arse.

The Key to Covid Gaol Fails, Again

We've all heard the vaccine is the key to Covid gaol. The CDC doesn't think so.

Suddenly the Left Loves Pharma

The Left loves Pharma now because it provides what every Concerned Leftist wants most - control and status.

The End of the Anglosphere Peace

The use of unlimited, naked coercion in pursuit of contestable, poorly justified policy has radicalised three generations of the calmest and most stable realm in human history - the Anglosphere.

Berejiklian & Hazard Condemn Gandhi, Mandela and MLK: “Selfish Boofheads”

"These ignorant colonials need to understand they will be free when we, the Unprincipled Grifting Elite, decide they've been good enough to deserve it"

Israel Confirms Vaccine Protection Waning for Severe Covid Illness

Israel's Director of Public Health Services has confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine's protection for both immunity and severe illness declines over time.

Preprint Pfizer Vaccine Study Shows No Difference in Covid Deaths

Preprint of Pfizer Covid vaccine study shows it has no effect on death rates. And infection protection is dropping already.

Questions No-one Asked Today – 30-7-21

As usual, journos questioning Glass-Jaw Gladys and Zombie Bureaucrat Chant managed to prove themselves both craven and stupid. Just one of these questions would have been nice.

If Only An Organisation Existed

If only a framework existed for political action that could provide guidance and focus to the thousands of people who know something is going horribly wrong

The Real Covid Problem is the Media

Journos describing the policy failure over Covid never call out the real problem - the media itself, and its stupid and craven journos.

Paul Murray – A Loud, Empty Vessel

SkyNews’ Paul Murray has revealed himself as an empty vessel over Covid lockdown protests and vaccines.

Liberal Strategists Should Start Thinking Post ScoMo & Gladys

The unseemly celebrations from Liberal hacks over ScoMo's recent NewsPoll's ratings weren't just tasteless, they were short-sighted.

Losing the populist moment

Australia lacks a single articulate, persistent fighter for change to empower the people. We just have frauds and fools. And we risk losing the populist moment.

The NSW Liberals destroy themselves along with the nation

You had to prove what we all knew. That at heart our rulers are exactly the self-serving, careerist status-hounds you told us you weren’t.