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Heritage Unthinking

All sense of balance in the heritage argument is gone. It has reached that point where where its concepts and application, and the exercise of power associated with it, have well exceeded usefulness or reason. Our built environment isn't an opportunity for monomaniacs to create a frozen theme park corresponding to their passions, funded by the taxes of people who share neither the location nor the ideology behind it.

Housing and Consolidation: Challenging New Paper

So, having just written I am unabashedly in favour of increasing population densities in the Inner West, in my usual read-like-a-crazy-man way I stumbled across a quasi-counterpaper  from  Journal of the American Planning Association. Download the pdf here  (1Mb) . I include it here in interests of balanced debate. The study’s no knockdown – it’s […]

Housing: Look First At Councils

Michael Koziol has called out both Leichhardt Council and its minority of nay-saying residents in a long overdue Sydney Morning Herald article. God knows how the only paying reader of the SMH will take this: Sydney’s housing crisis is substantially the fault of “narrow-minded, self-interested individuals who oppose the building of any new homes in […]

Darcy Byrne Opposes Himself, Screws Everyone Else

Leichhardt Labor Councillor Darcy Byrne has a knack at getting media. Admittedly, it seems to be in Fairfax press, the ABC and the Inner West Courier, which are very welcoming to a certain political view. So he has used all the time he has while working for Federal Minister Anthony Albanese to promote a 30 […]

Yes, There’s a Left Wing In The Greens – And They Want To Run Leichhardt

As hard as it is to conceive for those of us labouring under the Green yoke, we’re probably lucky. Because as Hall Greenland recently wrote, […]   the federal Greens leadership, not to mention the Greens membership as a whole, are veering to the right, driven by electoralism and an attachment to neoliberalism. They are, […]

Housing Affordability Culprit Found: No Action Taken

Excitement! Someone  has actually started making a serious argument about what is really driving housing affordability issues. Well, the Housing Industry Association has, which is a pity because they hardly present as having an impartial perspective. Report done by the Centre for International Economics. Key finding: 36-44% of final price driven by tax and government […]

Industry Grows a Pair

I shouldn’t find fault. The stand taken by AIG, BCA and ACCI on green tape is very welcome, particularly as it has got a positive response from the PM. But it is deeply disappointing that industry associations have waited this long, and waited until they could smell a change in community sentiment, before acting. It’s […]

Greens Put Personality Ahead of Good Government

Clover Moore, MP for and Mayor of Sydney, and Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain and former Mayor of Leichhardt, have, as is their wont, been playing the ‘woe-is-me’ victim card. See here, here  and    here. Faced with a reform that increases political checks-and-balances, provides better ways for voters to get help, and adds accountability […]

Inner City Housing Follies – Electorate Stacking Masquerading as Concern

Recently a Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) rejected a 112-apartment development application in the inner Sydney area of Balmain. Nothing to note there in itself, it is an entirely normal outcome.  But the response from councillors and activists reveals the core economic illiteracy, and long term social engineering at the heart of the ALP’s and […]