Political Class Archive

Authoritarianism In the Raw

When you live under an authoritarian regime, it doesn’t really matter what its ideology is. What matters is how it squashes you.

Hardworking Public Sector Heroes

Our hardworking public sector heroes got a promo for the 2021 BMWiX, running up to $170,000. Because, as you know, we are all in this together.

Three Pathways – Restoration, Retribution or Repression

There are three pathways out of Covid repression that put Australia in the mainstream of political history. That should worry our leaders.

Gladys Calls 57% of NSW Population Unclean

Berejiklian misrepresents, demonises, scapegoats: "I myself would not want to be anywhere, hehe, with someone who’s not vaccinated". The caste system is here.

Don’t Let The Media Get Away With It

John Barilaro's latest gaffe reveals unjustified authoritarian policy driven by the media. Don't let the media get away with it. I won't.

Dan Andrews is Evil and Must Be Stopped

This is unspeakable. Dan Andrews is going to lock the Covid unvaccinated out of the health system.

It’s a Vaccine Against Politicians

Our betters have started selling the vaccine as protection - against politicians.

Sick of the Covid Straw Man

Hacks attack Covid straw men; but vaccine hesitancy stems from real understanding of Covid risk and the limits of the science and trials behind the vaccines.

Gladys Dripfeeds Medical Apartheid Based on Lies

What is Gladys saying? If you conform to government dictate you get privileges, even if you can still catch and spread disease.

Three Generations of Pretend Politicians

Our leaders haven’t done real politics with real consequences for three generations. Now they’re facing the real deal, they’re not up to it.

Making Their Own Revolution

NSW Government and police are making their own revolution by removing any reasonable, peaceful way of expressing political grievances.

Unintended Consequences Will Rule

Covid policy in Australia is panicked, half-arsed, and fails to consider unintended consequences. Pretty much standard for our bureaucrats.

So, Smart People, NOW You Notice Vaccine Failure in Israel?

When the smart class talks about Covid vaccines, they should at least know what the issues are. Vaccine failure has been around for weeks, even months.

Moving Covid Vaccine Target Designed to Fail?

The Covid vaccine targets set by National Cabinet are either ridiculous or unlikely next to the experience of comparable countries.

Tin-eared Falinski Banality on Human Rights

Liberal hack Jason Falinski is an intellectual vacuum in a suit. Banality on Afghan human rights? Check. Abused Australian rights? Silence.