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The Only Constitution That Matters

What our Covid policy disaster shows is that, in the end, the constitution that governs our ruling class is the one in our citizens’ heads.

Hume of the Week – Factions

Hume's 1741 view on faction fits nicely with contemporary intra-political party issues, and with concerns about the members of the political class.

BandAid Bollocks

Now we have the benefit of 30 years of hindsight and can see how Mengistu's forced resettlements underpinned the Ethiopian famine, why hasn't St Bob put together an anthem like 'Don't They Know Big Government Socialism Kills People?", or "Free the World"? We all know the answer. Because he doesn't think, and he doesn't care. He only wants to seem to.

Neither A Monarchist Nor A Republican Be

It’s a sad fact that in politics sometimes people can be right for the wrong reasons. I struggle with this frequently when I find myself agreeing with people whose reasoning is very different from mine. As it is with the monarchy, the republic, and the Queen’s Jubilee. I have no feelings of emotional attachment to […]

Political Tribes, Institutions and Democratic Failure

Arnold King at American.com reviews two books examining how a successful liberal democracy emerges. What jumps out: In order to have the rule of law, a society must have cultural institutions that promote rules and norms that cannot be overturned by autocrats… The basic problem… is that humans evolved to reward close relatives, to appreciate […]

Murdoch Fixation Symptom of Larger Failures

The always-direct Brendan O’Neill takes on the Left’s fixation with Rupert Murdoch in a book review at Spiked: It sounds eerily like conspiracy theorising. The language precisely echoes that which is used by the 9/11 truthers and Obama birthers who lurk in the underbelly of the interweb: it shares with them a belief that there […]

Family Models: History and Future

This is a short extract from a long post by Reihan Salam. Whether you agree or not, it is a fascinating look at family structure, its history and the pressures driving its future. A mix of economics, history and sociology. He finishes on how family choices could drive regional political orientations. Interesting to consider how […]