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Hardworking Public Sector Heroes

Our hardworking public sector heroes got a promo for the 2021 BMWiX, running up to $170,000. Because, as you know, we are all in this together.

Just How Bad Was the Data For FDA Vaccine Booster Meeting?

17 Sept presentations to the FDA reinforce concerns about Covid boosters. Give us true long-term data. Stop the spin.

How Tested and Approved Are Our Covid Treatments?

Three of four Covid treatments aren't TGA-approved and are used off-label. Our evidence is terrible. So is the evidence against Ivermectin.

Now Let’s Pull Apart Covid Hospitalisations

Preprint study shows 52% of Covid hospitalisations meet criteria for moderate-to-severe disease. Are hospitalisations reliable or gamed?

AEC, Major Parties on Same Page Against Grassroots

The AEC and major parties are threatening grassroots political activity - one through legislation, the other through sloth and incompetence.

Crawford on Vaccine-Induced Deaths and Ignored Safety Signals

Robust analysis shows vaccine-induced deaths may be hidden in Covid death statistics, and the CDC vaccine safety signals don't work.

Unintended Consequences Will Rule

Covid policy in Australia is panicked, half-arsed, and fails to consider unintended consequences. Pretty much standard for our bureaucrats.

Gladys Stars in Policy Incompetence

Gladys and her team leaked a vaccine policy today. The policy is an incentive for people who want to stay unvaccinated to stay unvaccinated

Have we outgrown Yes, Minister?

The failings of ministers and their offices ensure continuing bureaucratic failure. That the political class across all political parties sees this as normal and acceptable is an important reason that it is losing legitimacy.

First Steps to Better Service Delivery

There is no basis for claiming government must actually deliver services - only that it ensures they are delivered. The IPART review due in September is a great chance to address long term public sector delivery problems. If only BOF has the guts to sell and then execute the review findings.

The Soft Incompetence of Low Expectations

The NSW Government is making a fuss over elective surgery waiting times. But the grand trumpeting of performance is more like a child's raspberry. Throw in ridiculously lax targets, broken processes, no use of technology, difficulty finding information and politicians who defend the department and you have...nightmare for our poorest.

We All Know Gazetted School Days?

The NSW RMS has released the Top 10 Misunderstood Road Rules. At first glance, not a bad idea. Roundabouts, left turns, merging, headlight use and a few others hit the list. All quite helpful really. And then we come to school zones.

Hard Questions for Get Healthy NSW

NSW Health has been promoting Get Healthy Information and Coaching Services, which offers a personal health coach and up to 10 free coaching calls to help live a healthier life and lose weight. Since health coaching is privately available, it is odd that NSW Health feels the need to sponsor a program to tell people to eat less and go outside, and to offer it to someone like me. Even more concerning is the cost-benefit basis for this program, the basis for the evaluation, and whether or not the money could be better used in areas of direct, damaging need.

Some Hobbies Are More Equal Than Others

When the current Federal government spends $740 million on arts and culture each year, you'd think those painters and sculptors and dramaturgs and video masturbators would be reasonably happy. That doesn't even include State and Local government cash. But no. And their Greens protectors want more.

Analysis Serving Ideology

The unprincipled misuse of industrial, workplace, heritage, discrimination, FOI, international and planning laws for political purposes is common. But it's getting worse. Now we have politics-by-bureaucratic-analysis, or lack thereof.