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Climate, Covid and The Precautionary Principle Fraud

What Covid and Climate reveal is that the Precautionary Principle is just fear-driven propaganda given a pretentious academic name.

The Speech You’ll Never Hear

It is distressing that this speech extract will only ever be hypothetical. What Australian political leader will utter even the first sentence? To be fair, I know a few politicians who would if they were given free reign. On both sides of politics.   This government commits to delivering cheap energy to our citizens and […]

Look Out! It’s Marshmallow Man!

Risk is something ordinary people are starting to talk about. Cassandra Wilkinson has done her bit, linking ¬†softfall playgrounds (read: risk aversion) with broken adults and declining entrepreneurship. Matt Ridley has been talking sense on risk for years. Risk is something we do badly in the developed world. Particularly since post-war politicians got their hands […]