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Will Permanent Ink Drive Permanent Adolescence?

The emergence of a mainstream tattoo culture since the 1990s – one that has gone ballistic in the past decade – raises interesting questions about maturity and changing identity. Tattoos were originally more about visible membership of a group rather than establishing individual identity. They displayed the subculture to which you belonged. Once they were the province […]

Giving Back Is The New Black

If I hear one more high-earner talk about “giving back” I’ll punch them in their self-obsessed mouth. One of the joys of being involved in politics is the opportunity to see, and work with, great NGOs operating on the frontline of social service delivery. It also exposes people like me to the eternally unnoticed who […]

Anzac Day Needs A Dose of Reality

The festival of cliché that is Anzac Day lets down people like my Dad and my uncle. Make it all real. It's the least we can do.

How To Set Fire To A Dinner Party

Engage a tableful of thirty-something single women friends in banter. Ask why a man should pay for a date when the only difference between a date and non-date dinner with a man is the possibility of sex at the end of the night. Make the link between sex and money more explicit than you should. […]