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Just How Expensive is Bottled Water?

In 2014, for the cost of one bottle of Mt Franklin from Woolworths, you can refill your bottle nearly 1900 times, and hydrate yourself for 5 years 73 days.

Hard Questions for Get Healthy NSW

NSW Health has been promoting Get Healthy Information and Coaching Services, which offers a personal health coach and up to 10 free coaching calls to help live a healthier life and lose weight. Since health coaching is privately available, it is odd that NSW Health feels the need to sponsor a program to tell people to eat less and go outside, and to offer it to someone like me. Even more concerning is the cost-benefit basis for this program, the basis for the evaluation, and whether or not the money could be better used in areas of direct, damaging need.

The Coming Season of Teflon Fools

James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis, has begun a backtrack on anthropogenic global warming alarmism. See here and here. There is too much to say about intellectual and political failures on climate over the past 25 years, so I’ll have to confine myself to a single point: The next five years are going to […]

Stupidest Euro-Organisation Ever

Just when concerns are increasing about the effects of widespread government funding and control of scientific research, up pops the idea of ScienceEurope. And just at the time that the Euro-cratisation of national agencies is coming most into question. And just when the decline of productivity-enhancing innovation is hitting the developed world. Check out the […]

Hume of the Week

One of the lines that first dragged me to Hume’s work. Given my recurring discussion about the Smart Class, and comments on those who see themselves as more informed, it seems apt. Where men are the most sure and arrogant, they are commonly the most mistaken, and have there given reins to passion, without that […]

Honest Talk About Academic Factions

Arnold Kling, who blogs at Econlog, has a series of 3 really interesting posts on the state of macroeconomic debate. Not technical and a conversation we really need to have. Read the first, second and third posts. The posts come from a committed perspective and Kling is upfront about that. But its real value is […]

The Trouble With Smart – Part 1

The way Andrew Leigh MP spanked former ALP Senator John Black for his views  on the Federal implications of the Queensland election reveals a core problem for policy and economic research. This is Leigh’s slapdown tweet (courtesy of Catallaxy): It’s important to understand that Leigh is a former ANU economist with a Harvard PhD and […]