Councillor 11% Stays Very Quiet

An eye over the planetLeichhardt’s Councillor 11% – vote-losing machine Mayor Rochelle Porteous –    hasn’t popped up yet to discuss Saturday’s election. When your most notable achievement in a couple of years of Mayoralty is to lose your party more than 10% of the vote, it’s understandable if you take your time.

Nothing on the Greens site. Nothing from Mr Parker MP. No response to the likelihood of two Liberals on Marrickville Council. Two! And one of them Jewish! What will the Greens do? After all, BDS doesn’t stand for Bagels Done Salty.

However, I do look forward to Annandale’s Politburo-of-one speaking out soon. Hall Greenland’s calm, considered politics has been sorely missed.

It’s needed. When MLC David Shoebridge analyses the situation by saying fewer people voted Green because the electorate has moved to the right, tautology has travelled round the world, collected a few friends, and found a new home.

Thankfully the Greens Party has a rock solid political performer ensconced in the Senate for another 5 years. Struggling inner city activists can always rely on the raw political sense of Lee Rhiannon. After all, it’s sense like hers that has got them as far as they’ve come. No point in changing now.


Inner West Courier states the obvious: Swing to Right will Raise Alarm in Green Circles. Alarm yes. Comment, alas, not yet.

PS: Nice looks, Mr Bracci!

Update 2

A momentary puff of green smoke over Stalinist Central in Leichhardt (rapidly sucked into Conceptual Capture and Storage) and voila!  a comment on the Election of Destiny. Since its issue, noses are growing longer by the minute among those Greens Councillors-elect:

Leichhardt Greens are grateful for the support of the residents of the Leichhardt LGA who have, for the third election in a row, given the Greens the highest vote of any party in this Council, with 35.25% of the primary vote.

We believe that over the last four years we  provided a stable [well, not emotionally], financially strong Council that delivered record spending on infrastructure and services [without outcomes], improved our environment [ah, how?] and made Leichhardt a better place to live. We are proud of that work but we  will be  looking at what we can do better. We listen to our community and work for our community [card-carrying community, that is].

We congratulate all the newly elected Councillors and we look forward to working with all of them in the interests of our community.

Rochelle Porteous, Michele McKenzie, Daniel Kogoy, Craig Channells, Greens Councillors-elect

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