Dissent Is Only Good If You’re Winning

The New Left is overplaying the outrage game so badly that in years to come it will be a study in propaganda failure. Away from the shaping and scolding of their teachers, one can imagine the teen contempt students would have for the constant shock, outrage, inhalations and fake swooning our opinionistas  pass off as commentary.

Like so much of new left politics, it is ultimately self-defeating.

Dr Anne Summers, a founding member of the rationalise-your-way-to-privilege club that is leftist academia, has come out with this – on the ABC, of course:

Dr Anne Summers (left) argues that the level of political persecution directed at Julia Gillard may breach federal laws designed to protect people’s  rights at work.

Political disagreement = persecution = a possible crime? Dr Summers reveals the utter failure of our academy to either apply reason, or protect core institutions that took 500 years to develop and that are at the heart of what makes our society unprecedentedly supportive of ordinary people. Free speech and legal dissent key among them.

And the tribal bias is just ludicrous. Can you imagine anyone in the media saying this of the attacks on Howard?

As I have said before, calls for civility and bipartisanship only emerge from the Left when they are losing the debate. The rest of the time, if abuse, ad hominem attacks and fallacious rhetoric have a home, it’s in Sussex Street. And, sadly, on every campus in the Western world.

Anne Summers’ generation of academics has to take responsibility for that.

Even worse, the same article reveals the incestuous reinforcement of this nonsense:

Dr Anne Summers is delivering an address titled  “Her Rights At Work? The Political Persecution of Australia’s First Female Prime Minister” for the 2012 Human Rights and Social Justice Lecture at the University of Newcastle tomorrow, Friday 31 August.

Clearly two things are now permanently lacking on Australian campuses: traditional academic scepticism, and traditional Australian distaste for bullshit.

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