Don’t Let The Media Get Away With It

John Barilaro’s latest mimbo gaffe has revealed that the NSW Government has been making authoritarian policy just to keep the media happy.

This is no surprise to anyone with an ounce of insight. You don’t need intelligence or credentials to have seen it, just common sense.

Barilaro’s comments reveal such an unprincipled, evidence-free exploitation of the lives of ordinary people that even our media whores will have to comment on it. Kerry Chant even revealed today (7 September) that NSW locked down and curfewed South-Western Sydney to force young people to get the vaccine, because NSW health believed they were a transmission vector. Not for their individual health, no, but to stop transmission. And because there were people “involved in illicit activities” who might spread it.

And remember, this latest outbreak started in Bondi. No-one was locked down there. Apparently, coke-sniffing hairdressers, over-leveraged real estate agents, and wannabe Liberal staffers can be trusted with freedom, but wogs, tradies and truckies can’t.

Don’t let the media get away with only making it about the Government. It’s about them too. They created panic. They misrepresented Covid risk. They lied about the safety and efficacy data of Covid vaccinations. They demonised the unvaccinated. They called for more authoritarian measures. They deliberately ignored key information from good studies and overseas experience.

Media types are skilled at pretence. They constantly lie to protect or aggrandise themselves. The ones with bylines or on camera pretend they have discovered, or always known, things that are handed to them. Most “investigations” are corroborations of dossiers handed to them by others (Sharri Markson, anyone?). And whatever the situation, like Jim Jeffries, they’ll always edit it so they don’t look bad.

These habits and skills mean they’ll try and slide away from their collaboration and encouragement of literal evil. Don’t let them.

A Primer List of Shame

I’ll be following this up in coming days and building quotes. We will not forget. Here’s a starter.

  • Andrew Clennell – lock me down harder, faster, deeper Gladys!
  • Joe Hildebrand – the unvaccinated aren’t decent people
  • Angela Mollard – the epidemic of ignorance
  • Ben English, editor Daily Telegraph – the man behind panic-mongering, ignorance, demonisation and spineless conformity to illegitimate policy
  • Lisa Muxworthy and Oliver Murray – We run and we do what we’re told. It’s efficiacious, so very efficacious, and you scum who don’t think so are…scum
  • Danica De Giorgio, SkyNews bimbo – oddly enough, she hates those horrible wogs who won’t pretend to be one of the cool kids the way she does
  • Ray Hadley – need I say anything? Don’t forgive Covid rulebreakers, let the Police prosecute them

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