Embarrassing Overstatement

Ciao 2013 Mr Inner West croppedSo Ciao Mag have, unfortunately, named me as Mr Inner West 2012. While I have always appreciated their tongue-in-cheek tone, this, perhaps, is taking it too far.

In particular I have to take them to task for four major errors.

I did not ‘mastermind’ the 2012 Council campaign. I worked on it, but there were at least 5 others who were far more instrumental in its success.

Topping the first preferences in the State election was a function of one of the best managed and most energetic campaigns for a hard-luck seat ever. That’s down to the Campaign Manager (who likes to remain anonymous but is making big waves in Liberal circles), to former Councillor Gordon Weiss, and to Leichhardt Councillor John Jobling, who oversaw the Liberals’ inner west success across four electorates.

Further, I am only soft-spoken in limited circumstances. Three drinks in, get me started on disability policy, spending priorities or middle class welfare masquerading as moral policy, and the whites of my eyes start to show.

Lastly, the comparison to Malcolm Turnbull is unfortunate. I will say little more, other than that, to my great dismay, we do not share bank accounts of similar magnitude.

Full article below.

Ciao 2013 Mr Inner West

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