EPA v Solar Bonus Scheme: Something’s Rotten

An eye over the planetJust thought I’d mention a bit on government spending priorities, now that Kevin Gosper has made it clear just how unable lifetime insiders are to make a considered decision about what’s important. More money on elite sport, or should we put it to the NDIS, which is struggling against a government profligacy unseen in this country since 1974?

No, my point is based on these two line items in the NSW 2012-13 budget out of the Premier and Cabinet cluster, Budget Paper 3  (7):

  • Environment Protection Authority 2012-13: $120.9m
  • Solar Bonus Scheme reimbursement program: $220m

Yup, the agency that does great work – real environment protection looking at radiation, hazardous chemicals, waste disposal and so-on, the stuff that actually shortens people’s lives if it all goes wrong – gets just on 55% of the funding of middle class property owners who made a good deal, and held the government to it.

Priorities. Appearances and handouts, or real outcomes. We all know which one wins.

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