Everyone’s Elite But Me

I don’t know Mark Textor but I do know a lot of people who do. By all accounts a very nice and very smart fellow.

And I enjoyed and agreed with his article in the Fin Review, calling for a backboned response to Islamist extremists in Australia.

The only problem is his third-person excoriation of political and business elites.

These actions are disturbing, yet our politicians have not condemned them in anything but a generic way. There’s an unwillingness to tackle the elephant in the room. Many would see it as a failure to defend our values and condemn alternative ones. This is weakness.

It is another example of political and business elites growing adrift from the commonsense values of Australians.

Mark, given you have every major Coalition player on speed dial and have shaped campaign messaging from Sydney to London, I think it is fair to say you aren’t distant from the problem. Certainly not third-person distant.

Rather than an article that speaks generally, how about focus-grouping a few speeches and backboned messages on, say, freedom of speech, citizenship, the classical liberal tradition, and oh, unwritten conventions that make Australia a great place to live? Maybe something on how our institutions have been stacked and perverted by a single political view?

And maybe building an ongoing, coherent narrative addressing community frustration at our lack of real leadership?

You have the power. Don’t write as if you don’t.

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