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Insane Woman ScreamingEncouraging sounds from the Federal seat of Melbourne. It may not be ‘good politics’ in every electorate, but it’s time the Liberals deliberately put The Greens last on every How-to-Vote. Across the board, from local to state to federal. At every election, every time.

Preferencing the Greens in seats like Melbourne or Grayndler may damage the ALP, and suck up their campaigning cash and resources which could be used elsewhere. That’s often a rationale for specific seat preference arrangements.

The psephologists love to complicate and pontificate as “political professionals”, and to argue for seat-by-seat analysis.

But there’s much to oppose this view. And many Liberals who do.

The Philosophic: The Marxist, anti-wealth essence of the Greens – not their marketing spin – is such that from the beginning they should have been shut down just as the Liberals shut down One Nation.

Since the 1970s  there has been a complete lack of leadership and courage on the question of the Far Left misusing environmental politics. The political class has either feared (on the Right) or tried to co-opt (on the left, thanks Mr Richardson) the propaganda successes of the enviro-left.

This is despite The Greens representing the same Marx-derived policies both the Right and Catholic Left fought openly and consistently through the 20th Century.

Many “moral” Liberals still unthinkingly follow the fad and refuse to stand by what should be their principles. Sadly, we see a similar failure with David Cameron in the UK, and those others he has influenced in the Anglosphere.

The Patriotic:  That lack of political courage – the capacity to lead, to make a difficult argument and sell it – has led us to a place where we have a government actively trying to make us all poorer. That actively denigrates the views of ordinary people.

Where our standing in terms of press freedom, sovereign risk and ease of doing business has fallen below joke countries.

Where, despite our great starting point in 2007, in fiscal terms and business culture we are rapidly running towards the failures of the EU and US.

Much of that is driven by Green policy and the way it has entered conventional wisdom – aided by a venal ALP.

Letting Green policy ideas enter, embed in and then define conventional wisdom is simply bad for the country. Even thoughtful members of the ALP accept this.

The Pragmatic: There is political advantage in isolating the Greens: clarity of message. Coherent narrative. Opportunity to set a positive  vision of a dynamic, rather than bureaucratic  future.

And the communication advantages of avoiding both weasel words and reform-by-surprise when in government.

Besides, in any seat where preferences matter, it’s either going to be won by the ALP or the Greens. Better an ALP government in its own right than one beholden to Green lunacy. In either case the Coalition loses.

Watching the ALP squirm in government with the Greens might be great for the Liberal political class, but it’s terrible for the country.

The coming Federal election is the time to do it. If Ted Ballieu can take the step, surely every other Coalition leader in the country can.

Oh, and a word to those Greens in Sydney’s Inner West. If there’s one thing that unites the growing Liberal membership in the area, it’s putting the Greens last on every HTV at every level of government [see update]. It seems that in NSW Greens’ State and Federal electoral hopes are headed for the recycling bin.


Yeah, OK, I overstated. The uniting force among Inner West Liberals is putting the Greens behind the ALP  on every HTV at every level of government. My bad.

Update 2

Joe Hockey puts up his hand on preferences. Come on you guys, Joe’s manned-up. What about the rest of you?

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