Feel Stupider? EU, Sweden Ban Highly-Vaccinated Vaccine Passport Holders

It’s old news. But for the smart people who thought getting vaccinated and mandating vaccine passports would soon see them in Business Class seats to Tuscany, it’s delicious news.

On August 30 the EU banned travellers from, among other places, Israel and the US. On September 2, Sweden did the same.

The reason is simple: too many Covid cases. Formally, it was due to the severely deteriorated epidemiological situation. Even in highly-vaccinated, three-dose-Pfizer, vaccine-passport-crazy Israel.

There’s more to discuss on the case numbers, particularly the bureaucratic dodge of forcing asymptomatic children to get tested, and the push to vaccinate under-12s. But more on that later.

Vaccines as the key to Covid gaol, indeed.

Worldometers 2021-09-03

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