Getting Service Culture Horribly Wrong

There are times when you walk into a hotel and you like the feel they’ve gone for. When it’s obvious the designer and hotelier have got together and worked something out. Spent a fortune on fitout and on extras; built an atmosphere and set an emotional tone that makes a stay memorable.

And then you notice the small intrusions of daily operations into that atmosphere. The forms. The brochure stacks. The statutory warning signs. Uncleared lounge tables. The poorly stacked piles of menus. The unwiped bar. Warm beers. Missing snooker balls. No information offered unless asked first. Open storage room doors. The “that’s-not-how-we-do-it-here”s.

In truth, each of these is nothing much in itself. But over and over, everywhere you turn, and you start to notice the friendly, open efforts to ignore your every need.  And slowly the decor and location recede.

Oh God. Millions in build and fitout and design thinking. All shot to shit by “Australian Country Service”.

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