Gladys and Team Buried in The Political Bubble

Nothing could reveal just how insulated the dozens of Premier’s staffers are than thinking a few photos screened on the Opera House matters a damn. When people are losing jobs, businesses, income and futures, when students are struggling and failing at home, when Liberal base voters think the party has repudiated core values. Tin-eared and buried in a bubble. Utterly perfect.

The Liberal Party has turned into the ALP that governed NSW for 16 years. A bunch of insider players, with no political philosophy. Opportunists who view voters as mug punters, and people who disagree with them as contemptible. These are truly awful human beings.

And as always, smart political brains are a decade behind what is happening. Too many of the social media massagers working in politics think it is 2008 and it’s all about engagement, personality and being funky.

That failure makes them both banal and insulting at the same time.

Honestly, as political communications this is just a perfect failure. It’s like extolling the Country Women’s Association cake stall in Coonabarabran when 14,000 troops are trapped in Tobruk.

People’s lives are crumbling here. They have no confidence that their government will treat them fairly, they cannot trust any institution. But here, have a feelgood announceable that protected political retards think is cool.

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