Gladys Dripfeeds Medical Apartheid Based on Lies

26 August, 2021. Gladys Berejiklian, at the vanguard of the ruling class push for Covid vaccines, says the fully-vaccinated in hot LGAs can have one more hour outdoors from 13 September. The rest of us can gather in groups of five if we have proof of vaccination. The unvaccinated can rot. Medical apartheid is here.

When NSW reaches 70% two-dose vaccination target, only the vaccinated will be able to have a normal social or recreational life. Well, according to Gladys today. In a few months who knows what she’ll say. The hints are strong enough that some form of imprisonment will remain indefinitely.

She deigns to give us freedoms we already possess as human beings

The lie underneath this two-tier society is that the vaccine protects the vaccinated from infection and transmission. We know that for the alpha variant tested in the Pfizer placebo-controlled study released on 28 July, 2021 it protected from infection, but that protection declined rapidly approaching the six month mark. We’ve seen this confirmed in Israel.

We know from an early Lancet study that antibodies for both AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines decline rapidly by 70 days (estimated 84% and 50%).

We know that the vaccinated can definitely catch and transmit newer strains, and possibly do so as effectively than the unvaccinated. US data to prove this, and to identify the rate of vaccine failure will now be harder to find, because since 1 May the CDC is not mandating notification for breakthrough cases that aren’t hospitalised. The whole concept of breakthrough cases undermines Gladys’ rationale. And they keep turning up.

So what is Gladys saying? If you conform to government dictate you get privileges, even if you can still catch and spread disease.

If these privileges – which are just our fundamental freedoms which should never be abridged – are conditional on not being a risk for spreading the disease, then the vaccinated shouldn’t get them either.

The data is all there. It has been for at least a month. If people had bothered to look at Iceland, it’s been clear for two months. [Chart]

This policy step, combined with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s thinly-veiled threats aimed at coercing people to vaccinate their 12-15 year olds, is based on misrepresentations of risks and lies about the vaccine.

We are on the cusp: if Australia is to remain a free society, in a few years there will have to be a legal and political reckoning unseen in this country. If that does not occur, the people will have ridden their anxiety into a corporatist police state.

Iceland – New Covid Cases by Vaccination Status to 24 August 2021

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