Gladys Flees Media Conferences

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will stop the 11am media conferences from next Monday.

As you would, if at every conference either the Chief Medical Officer, Kerry Chant, or Gladys herself, outright lies, reveals contempt for citizens, or spouts obvious misinformation and spin.

Consider a few of the gaffe-a-rama:

  • Chant’s New World Order comment
  • Chant’s obesity blunder
  • Chant’s natural immunity blunder
  • Gladys’ unvaccinated are unclean mistaken revelation
  • Gladys’ snarky responses to questions about the ICAC investigation into Daryl Maguire
  • Gladys’ continuing mixmaster of confused rules and “freedoms”.

I doubt that these are the real reasons. With no evidence whatsoever, I suspect the powers that be recognise that they may be about to get some very hard questions. That overseas experience is finally breaking through the Australian wall of ignorance. I’m guessing they fear case, breakthrough infection and vaccination numbers aren’t going to go as well as they hope.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they also found that neither are still credible and that Gladys’ approval rating is tanking. But that’s me making stuff up.

Of course, when the cancellation was announced the media present went into a frenzy – not for any reason other than their TV fame-whoring will be thwarted. Still hopeless.

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