Gladys Stars in Policy Incompetence

Regardless of your views on the Covid vaccines, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has just revealed herself and her coterie of bombastics and moronics as completely incompetent at policy development.

On Friday 20 August a NSW Government plan was leaked to The Australian. It announced a drip feed of citizen freedoms dependent on reaching an adult full vaccinated rate of 70%.

According to the publication, the NSW proposal would allow venues, like restaurants, to reopen with alfresco dining, capacity restrictions and other rules when vaccination coverage reaches 70 per cent…

Customers would be required to produce a commonwealth-assigned vaccination certificate to enter the premises. The proof of vaccination would be synchronised with Medicare records and available via an app.

The real incompetence lies in the position when 80% vaccination is reached.

Unvaccinated residents will likely be allowed to access most venues once the 80 per cent target is achieved, however this detail of the plan has not yet been finalised.  

Set aside the arbitrary illiberality verging on tyranny. Is no-one in NSW government even partially competent in game theory?

John is unvaccinated. Under this policy, if he waits, he can stay unvaccinated and still go places. He can free ride on people who want to get vaccinated. So he won’t. End of story.

The policy is an incentive for people who want to stay unvaccinated to…stay unvaccinated.

If they do realise this, then it is just a piece of spin-doctoring to make Gladys seem less of an ignorant tyrant than she is. And that won’t work either. If they don’t realise this, they are more moronic than I thought…and that is saying something.

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