Goebbels-Sponges – How Much People Know and Why They Vax

Social interaction reveals an awful lot, and it’s wildly depressing. A few words with ordinary, sensible people exposes just how little they know about Covid-19, what terrible reasons they give for vaccination, and how their understanding is limited to state-sponsored slogans. Goebbels was right.

This a collection of pseudo-quotes from, and topics that were a complete surprise to average educated people. Reported to me immediately after conversation.

On Getting the Vaccine

Across several people not one mentioned health issues as a reason to get the vaccine. They just repeated the standard slogans of vaccinate for freedoms, vaccinate to keep a job, vaccinate for holidays. They are nice people, but they are Goebbels-sponges.

When a friend said “You only vaccinate for health reasons, not for freedom” they looked like they had been hit by a brick. They hadn’t even considered that. Nor had they considered the idea that for every other childhood vaccine, you only vaccinate children for their own protection, not to protect others.

No surprise, but when a friend mentioned the word “data” the shutdown was immediate.

I waited, but I’ve got a trip booked in December. That’s why I got it.

I just want my freedom back

If nothing happens to you after three months, you’re OK

My husband has to visit sites, if he doesn’t get the jab he’ll lose his job

We have to vax to end lockdowns. I can’t wait for it to end so I can get my cleaner back

I vaxxed my Year 12 daughter, but I’m still hesitant myself

The Pope says vaccination is morally right

What They Had Never Heard About

  • The vanishingly small risk of Covid hospitalisation or death for under 18s
  • Average age of Covid deaths and the effect of comorbidities
  • Breakthrough infections in the vaccinated
  • Elderly vaccinated still being hospitalised
  • Waning vaccine protection against infection
  • Waning vaccine protection against severe illness
  • The need for multiple boosters
  • The FDA has not approved boosters for the general population
  • Time-limited vaccine passports requiring regular boosters
  • Provisional Registration (Aust) or Emergency Use Authorisation (US) only
  • 2 month initial clinical trial before the vaccine was rolled out versus a 10+ year standard program
  • Limits on travel to-from highly vaccinated countries
  • Israel, UK, Singapore, Iceland, Hawaii, Gibraltar, Malta, Scotland, and other vaccine failure sites.

Propaganda Works Like a Dream in a Culture of Unreason

Early 20th Century Germany was one of the most educated and rational societies in human history. Goebbels had a job on his hands. Post-war chaos and resentments helped him; instrumental reason untethered by ethics helped him; hierarchical schooling and society helped him. But he still had to overcome an educated culture steeped in restrained reason.

We are not early 20th Century Germany.

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