Going Soft – PM’s Media Move

Just sat through an appalling soft-ball interview between PM Julia Gillard and the stand-in JJJ breakfast host Lewi (podcast may be available later  here).

In itself this isn’t notable. Any time a Green-Left politician hits JJJ it’s a love fest.

No, I noticed because, like Wayne Swan’s move to play the old class envy card  in The Monthly six months ago, Ms Gillard’s move to the soft media is also following Obama’s playbook.

Until recently Obama hadn’t given a serious interview or press conference to the US national press for more than two months. He had, however, managed to appear on Entertainment Tonight, talk to People magazine, and…talk music on an obscure New Mexico radio station.

After Leigh Sales’ vigorous 7:30 report engagement with the PM on education funding earlier this week, perhaps the minders have imported another ‘Hail Mary’ idea from the US.

After all, if you don’t want to face accountability or be asked about your record, aren’t DJs and network ‘personalities’ the people you want to spend your time with?

Prediction: A coming PM appearance on The Project. It would fit nicely. And quite a lag till the next appearance in front of Leigh Sales.

Less serious, but wouldn’t-surprise-me prediction: The Morning Show.


At least 9-12 presenter Zan gave Lewi some stick for asking soft-c*ck questions.

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