Greens To Hit The Wall?

Terry Flew has an interesting post  on just where the Greens are going to get voters if they want to grow at all. He also has some interesting observations on the Green vote in inner cities and its relation to under 25s,  and degreed atheists.

Given they’ve already taken the Left from the ALP, and that the massive fall in the ALP primary has gone to the Coalition, where are they going to get more voters? Especially since the voters that have gone to the Coalition have done so when it opposes a Carbon Tax and ETS, and when it is led by someone demonised by the Left.

Flew’s argument leads to the odd conclusion that to grow at all the Greens have to take Coalition voters. Makes reasonable sense.

The Greens will also face the question of whether they wish to aim for continued growth in electoral support, and how to do so. This would have to entail attracting some Coalition voters, as there will be fewer and fewer disaffected ALP voters to pick off. I suspect that this goes very much against the instincts of The Greens’ rank and file supporter base.

Too right it does. And it goes against the instincts of old school and blue collar ALP voters, who’ve fled Labor precisely because it is too close the Greens. Implication: even if the Greens’ reputation, unity and policy-teflon continues, they’ve peaked. One trip-up and their vote can only go down.

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