Hardworking Public Sector Heroes

This week I received a promo targeted to our hardworking public sector heroes – for the 2021 BMWiX, starting at $136,000 and running up to $170,000. Because, as you know, we are all in this together.

In another life I did a lot of work in public sector productivity, and still watch the administrative state very closely. I follow a lot of public sector groups, including the very amusing Government News. It is a parade of irrelevant concerns, absurd self-aggrandisement, and spending interests that would make Kim Kardashian blush.

And then, today, this piece of tin-eared, insular and very, very revealing self-indulgence:

Hello, Craig Kelly? It’s me. When you have the balance of power, may I suggest a commitment to reduce average Federal public sector earnings to 5% below average private sector earnings within 5 years? Easily done. SES? Gonski. Gonski? Gonski too. And don’t get me started on productivity measures.

As for local and Federal government, in my world no Council General Manager should earn more than 75% of the US President’s salary (now that would be a wage cut). The US President earns $550,200 (USD400,000 at 72.7c to AUD). The NSW Premier earns $329,924 plus an electoral allowance of $78,056. And we all know an electoral allowance doesn’t go near a Premier’s pocket. Especially one with such a Maguire-standard of probity.

The General Manager of the Parramatta Council earns $633,852.

The Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet earns $915,000.

Don’t even think about agencies and Statutory Authorities. The CEO of the NBN earns at least $3.15 million.

What a joke. It’s just that ordinary people aren’t laughing.

For an introduction to public sector heroes, consider the late, great Norm Macdonald on real heroes. I’m sorry to say I was unfamiliar with his work when he was alive. A shame.

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