If Anyone’s Carrying the Covid Pox, It’s the NSW Police

In the spirit of minimising the risk of Covid infection and transmission, I propose we do what is truly necessary. The NSW Government must mandate that all NSW Police are double-vaccinated before they talk to any member of the public.

The NSW Health Department and NSW Police have virtually locked some NSW residents in their homes. The ostensible reason is to prevent Covid transmission. People who have encountered positive cases or return from overseas are home quarantined, and checked frequently – sometimes daily – by NSW Police to ensure they are home. So are the healthy positive.

NSW Police move from possible infected to possible infected. They stop uninfected on the street and talk to them, sometimes without their own masks. Even with their masks, the science shows they could easily infect members of the public.

They wrestle and arrest those without masks, or non-compliant positive, then go on to interact with other members of the public.

They talk with anyone at less than 1.5m. They share cars with other police, whose infection status is unknown, for hours at a time. They never even sterilise their batons or handcuffs.

They are clearly a high-risk disease vector.

Just how many people have been infected by police? Why isn’t the Health Department telling us?

The solution is clear. It has already been applied to health workers and teachers, and they aren’t moving around the community from infected and possible infected to uninfected, like the police are.

Mandate the vaccine for our police, and stop them interacting with the public until they are vaccinated. It’s the only safe thing to do.

I’m sure our government and the NSW Police will agree.

Yes, this is sarc.

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