If Only An Organisation Existed

It’s at political moments like this that many of us feel shame.

If you’re familiar with history, and maybe a bit of political theory, you realise what’s at stake and what we’re losing because of our State and Federal governments. If you’re a half-way decent person, and aren’t doing something about it, you feel wretched. A failure when measured against your principles.

I know I do.

If only, I think, if some framework existed for political action. Something that could provide guidance and focus to the thousands of people who know something is going horribly wrong, but don’t know where to start or what to do.

Perhaps a community organisation focusing on politics, even one statewide. With local groups of likeminded people – let’s call them branches.

It could have trained activists, familiar with politics, who could guide others from their experience. Leaders who could speak out and exert influence. Ones who could lead marches in defiance of government orders, just because that’s what political leaders do for their principles.

To fight this government overreach, it could be an organisation focusing on the individual in history, the energy of small business, smaller government, freedoms and rights we’ve collected over hundreds of years, and even…the forgotten people who are neither thugs in blue shirts nor nepots climbing their way up government hierarchies.

To really get it right, it could be called something that represents all those things, with echoes from history. A Freedom Party?  No, a little broader. Liberal.

If only.

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