These are jusSquad of soldiers in the desert during the military operationt a few of the many people #IllRideWith. For my safety? Perhaps. But more for engagement with their strength of character, and because they represent the best of bravery in an era when it is considered brave to publish someone else’s hashtag by flashing your boobs.

Spencer Stone,  Alek Skarlatos and  Anthony Sadler

You may remember the 3 unarmed guys who stopped an AK-47-toting terrorist on a French train.

If only I could: The passengers on Flight 93

From the celebrated Mark Bingham to Debbie Welsh, Tom Burnett, Sandra Bradshaw and others.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Because she’d inspire me to be my own hero.

Chris Mintz

The guy who ran towards the Oregon Community College shooter in October and got shot 7 times.

Unnamed Texas traffic cop

The traffic cop who, only armed with a handgun, took on two kitted-out terrorists at a Garland, Texas art gallery. And took them down.

Unnamed Uber driver in Logan Square, Chicago

He noticed a gunman firing on the crowd in front of his car, and shot him three times.

Except he won’t be able to do it again – immediately aftwards Uber banned legal guns in all their vehicles.

Unnamed Afghan interpreter and security guard

Two Afghans who in 2007 dragged a car bomber out of his car before he could detonate it. Oh, and the bomb was intended for a US army base.

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