Israel Confirms Vaccine Protection Waning for Severe Covid Illness

Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis, Israel’s Director of Public Health Services, has confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine’s protection for both immunity and severe illness declines over time.

In an interview on Sunday 1 August with CBS’ Face the Nation, Dr Alroy-Preis said of immunity:

If we compare people both over the age of 60, but also between 16 to 59 who were immunized early on, so were fully vaccinated by the end of January, we see infection rate among them that is 90 per 100,000 which is double that of those who were fully vaccinated in March. So we see a drop in- in the vaccine effectiveness against disease for those who have been vaccinated early on. And we see it for both elderly people over the age of 60, but also for younger.

But the real kicker, the attack on the one benefit that the Pfizer vaccine really delivers, is the change in protection from severe illness and hospitalisation. It hasn’t disappeared, but it is clear it is waning over time. The decision to push for a third Pfizer booster shot considered:

…also the evidence that we have increased severe and critical condition in hospitalization with severe and critical conditions among the 60 and above population who are fully immunized. And that’s together with the fact that we are seeing lack of- lack of response to the vaccine over time has led us to suggest to people or actually allow them to be vaccinated a third time. So it’s- it’s not just the fact that we’re seeing more disease, but they’re getting to severe and critical conditions.

On 21 July the Times of Israel reported Israeli Cabinet discussion of a Gertner Institute study:

But according to data recently raised at a top-level Health Ministry meeting, the immunization’s effectiveness in preventing serious illness is now at 80% for the general population and 50% for the elderly.

Israel’s national research body for epidemiology, the Gertner Institute, conducted the research, and Dr. Amit Huppert from its bio-statistical unit told The Times of Israel that policymakers should pay attention.

The government “should not be panicked but should take the data seriously, as it’s a warning that should not be ignored,” he said. “Most of us did not believe a month ago we could be in this situation.”

This has been clear and probable to people who want to know for weeks, if not longer.

The Australian ruling class truly is the worst in our history.

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