It’s a Vaccine Against Politicians

The constant public pressure to be vaccinated took an odd turn a few months ago. Once it was about your health; now our moral betters are telling us it will protect us from tyranny.

In what has become a desperate push to get people vaccinated, our politicians, bureaucrats and media have started describing the vaccine like a commercial transaction. They no longer stress the medical benefit as they once did. Perhaps they realise that argument isn’t as strong as it was. Instead, they push the deal like a vacuum cleaner salesman.

Get the vaccine and you’ll get your freedoms back!

Get the vaccine and children can go to school!

Get the vaccine and you can go to work!

The sad part is, what we’re buying is something we already own. Our civil and political rights.

The worst example of this dumbed-down transaction was NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s Dr Seuss-style op-ed in the Daily Telegraph (paywalled, copy below). It couldn’t be more obvious what the pitch is: get vaccinated to live a free and normal life.

Another, more honest version:  Get vaccinated to protect yourself from politicians.

Every item Barilaro lists is not a result of Sars-Cov-2. It’s a result of panicked, ill-informed, unrestrained and evil public policy.

We should expect this from Barilaro. In his few public appearances he has proven to be not merely obstinately ill-informed, but just plain dumb. OK, he won’t have written this. Some staffer will have. But his name is on it, and it has his submedian fingerprints on it.

So here we are. Our betters can’t make a convincing health push for them, so they sell vaccines as protection from themselves. Which at least identifies the bigger risk to our way of life.

Stop AstraZeneca snobbery so we can end lockdown – John Barilaro

Do you know the flu shot brand name you get each year? Do we ever ask questions about medicine brands? The answer is most likely no, writes John Barilaro.

Many Australians have still not received the jab, despite being eligible. Here ‘s a look at the many reasons why.

The brand debate around the Covid-19 vaccine has caused unnecessary pain and confusion for so many people – confusion which can be avoided, if we all get on with it and get vaccinated.

Do you know the brand name of the flu shot you get each year? Do you know the brand name of the measles vaccine your child received? Do we ever ask any questions about the brand of medicines we consume? The answer is most likely no.

So why the brand debate now? Infections are rising, loved ones dying, yet we have an abundant supply of vaccines today, so stop the AstraZeneca snobbery, and get the jab.

Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for our Nation.

Our kids want to get back to school, our teachers want to get back in the classroom, and parents need their days back.

Our kids need to be able to play team sports, learn to swim or just get dirty with other kids.

Students need to get back to TAFE and university, and our seniors want to get back to socialising, visiting family, playing bowls, golf or a game of bridge.

Workers want to get back to their jobs.

Small businesses want to open and people want to get back to their favourite cafe, restaurant or pub.

People want haircuts, to feel good about themselves, to get back in the gym, to build that summer body, and to get back to the beaches, ahead of an Aussie Summer.

Christmas needs to be celebrated with the ones we love, and grandparents need not waste any more time to see their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Those waiting for elective surgery, in pain and discomfort, need to be operated on.

Our farmers need to move across jurisdictions, across borders. Our truck drivers and freight carriers want to deliver goods with less stress and burden, more seamlessly.

Those of faith, want to get back to their churches. Births, birthdays, marriages and deaths need to be shrouded in all the rituals and customs that make our lives meaningful.

Our Nurses, our Doctors, all our medical professionals and health practitioners need to slow down, and return to work in a safer environment at a steady speed.

It’s our turn and our responsibility to thank them, by getting the jab.

Our livelihoods and our lifestyle need to be repaired and rebuilt.

The first steps of the road map we announced last week outlines a clear pathway forward in which a range of family, industry, community and economic restrictions will be lifted for those that are fully vaccinated when NSW hits 70 per cent.

That means having a meal with loved ones, or having a drink with friends is just around the corner, but to get there, we need to keep up the momentum in our vaccination roll out.

Vaccinations prevent deaths, they reduce hospitalisation, they reduce the burden on our hospitals, they reduce the speed and transmissibility of Covid, they help protect the vulnerable – and they will also get our lives back.

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