Below are listed the members of the TGA Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling. These are the people who advised the TGA to block any qualified General Practitioners or respiratory physicians from prescribing Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid-19.

I am not in a position to say Ivermectin works or not. I am in a position to say that doctors should be allowed to prescribed a known and safe drug off-label (that is, for unapproved indications) when there is a reasonable body of evidence suggesting it works. This is the norm for off-label use, and is an essential part of medical discretion, and more importantly, the progress of medical science.

Off-label use is common, and provided it meets quite reasonable guidelines, is well within the bounds of good medical practice. Doctors traditionally have a lot of discretion with off-label prescribing. In fact, in NSW at September 2021 most recommended treatments for Covid-19 are being used off-label.

These documents explain the standard approaches to off-label prescription:

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This is a list of names and some contact details for the Commonwealth-appointed and state-nominated members of the TGA Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling. All information below is publicly available. I have merely collected it. It will remain here unless I am advised that it is incorrect.

I examine the nature and background of the Committee elsewhere. It is heavy with the politically-connected, the not-terribly-specialised, and the bureaucratic. Oddly, the two most senior technical academics have a strong focus in credentials, cannabis or opioids, virtue-signalling LinkedIn posts, and getting on Boards.

The first 8 are Federally-appointed, the remainder are all bureaucrats nominated by State and Commonwealth.

Associate Professor Suzanne Nielsen, Deputy Director of the Monash Addiction Research Centre

  • E:
  • E Institutional:
  • P: 03 9904 4262
  • LinkedIn
  • Monash Addiction Research Centre
    Monash University
    Peninsula Campus
    Level 3, Building G
    Moorooduc Hwy
    Frankston VIC 3199

Dr Jennifer Martin, Chair of Clinical Pharmacology, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle

Julie Viatos, Quality Use of Medicines Manager, Consumer Healthcare Products Australia

CHP is the industry association/lobby group for peddlers and manufacturers of non-prescription medicines. Her areas of expertise include Consumer Medicines Information, Labelling and Packaging, Medicines Scheduling and Advertising.

  • P Institutional: (02) 9922 5111
  • LinkedIn
  • Suite 1, Level 2/35 Chandos St, St Leonards NSW 2065
    PO Box 209, St Leonards NSW 1590

John Stubbs, Consumer Advocate

BA, Dip Acct. Longstanding Consumer Health Representative in several areas


Associate Professor Michael Ward, Pharmacy Education, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences

Dr Diana Robinson, Sport and Exercise Physician, Sydney Sportsmed Specialists

Dr Danielle McMullen, GP, President AMA (NSW)

  • P Institutional : 02 9516 2944
  • LinkedIn
  • 280 Church St, Newtown 2042 NSW

Lubna Tabassum, Canberra Pharmacist

Pharmacist in the Holt area of ACT. No other presence

Dr Jane Cook – Commonwealth

First Assistant Secretary, Medicines Regulation, Commonwealth Department of Health

Viven Bevan – ACT

Chief Pharmacist ACT, Interim CEO at Women’s Health Matters

Peter Gilfedder – NSW

Pharmaceutical Services, NSW Ministry of Health

  • P Insto: 02 9391-9944.

Helgi Stone – NT

NT Health Department

Angela Fitzhenry – SA

SA Health Department

Sam Halliday – Tasmania

Acting Chief Pharmacist

Jane Carpenter – WA

Regulatory Pharmacist, WA Department of Health, Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch

Wendy Yang – Victoria

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch

Julie Stokes – Queensland

Medicines Regulation and Quality, Queensland Health

List of publications; very focused on pharmacist interventions