Just How Expensive is Bottled Water?

There are times when a quick nerd-fix can be fun.

Seven years ago I worked out how many 600ml tap water refills I could get for the cost of a 600ml bottled water. It was 9 years and 11 days. It’s time for a recheck…

In 2014, for the cost of one bottle of Mt Franklin from Woolworths, you can refill your bottle nearly 1900 times, and hydrate yourself for 5 years 73 days.

That’s an awfully large price people are putting on convenience. If you up the price to $3.30 for a convenience store, you get 7 years of refills.

As an aside, the difference in quoted kiloLitre costs is substantial:  $1.264 vs $2.168.  90.4 cents a kiloLitre, or an increase of about 71.5%. Love to see what industry is paying, and how much it has gone up.


Oh, and how much would 1,899 bottles of Mt Franklin from Woolworths cost? $4,690.53  instead of $2.47.

Bottled Water v Tap Water Costs
2007 Sydney Water Cost
Cost of 600ml bottle  $2.50
mls in bottle 600
Tap cost per kL 1.264 Paper Bill 2007
Tap cost per ml 0.000001264
Tap cost per bottle 0.0007584
No bottles from tap 3296.4
No years at 1 tap refill/day 9 years 11 days
2014 Sydney Water Cost
Cost of 600ml bottle 2.47 Source
mls in bottle 600
Tap cost per kL 2.168 Source
Tap cost per ml 0.000002168
Tap cost per bottle 0.0013008
No bottles from tap 1898.8
No years at 1 tap refill/day 5 years 73 days

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