Kerry Chant: For NSW, Obesity Isn’t an Underlying Condition

Yet again, NSW CMO Kerry Chant misrepresents and obfuscates when asked for real data. This time, it’s about what she identifies as underlying conditions for NSW Covid deaths. Worse, obesity has long been known as one of the biggest risk cofactors for serious disease or death, and Chant just waved it away. (transcript)

Obesity isn’t a reported underlying condition for NSW Covid deaths? This is administrative malfeasance.

Question: So is that an underlying health condition, when you say someone’s died and they’re obese, is that an underlying…

Chant: No, no, we’re not counting obesity

Instead, she segued into a vaccine-promotion spiel that didn’t address the question. The reason for the segue? Because formally recognising obesity is an underlying condition may just let healthy, slim people under 60 make an informed risk-benefit decision about vaccination.

We can’t have that. Oh no.

Any serious person recognises that the calculation of risk-benefit for Covid vaccines is entirely different for people with known high risk factors. No vaccine-hesitant person opposes Covid vaccines for every individual, because people’s risks are different.

Nothing could be clearer – Chant is not a doctor. She is a spin-doctor. And no sugar-coating of calling it noble corruption applies. Paternalistic public health liars are evil people, and as C.S Lewis knows, they are the worst of the dictators.

Does anyone recognise obesity as an underlying condition or comorbidity? Just the CDC (here and here). But the literature is extensive, and easily found. And any medical professional would know this, and know that many of the other identified comorbidities can be obesity-related: diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and even cerebrovascular disease.

To emphasise just how important obesity is:

Among 4,899,447 hospitalized adults in PHD-SR, 540,667 (11.0%) were patients with COVID-19, of whom 94.9% had at least 1 underlying medical condition. Essential hypertension (50.4%), disorders of lipid metabolism (49.4%), and obesity (33.0%) were the most common. p1

Now look (video) at the fumbling and dissembling in the transcript. All to avoid harshing the narrative, and giving ordinary people clear data. You know, what you need for informed consent.

Relevant Transcript

Question: [paraphrase] what are the underlying health conditions when you mention Covid deaths [end paraphrase]

Chant: So I think it’s clear.. there’s a range of underlying health conditions, so people might have cancers that make them immunosuppressed, they might be on immunosuppressant treatment, they might have existing lung disease, ummm, if they’ve got, umm, chronic obstructive lung disease, umm, emphysema, those sort of diseases. Diabetes puts you at increased risk, obesity, puts you at, umm, significant obesity puts you at risk…

Question: So is that an underlying health condition, when you say someone’s died and they’re obese, is that an underlying…

Chant: No, no, we’re not counting obesity

Question: Because that’s my question, sorry, could asthma be included, for example…

Chant: Umm, the one, look,  umm I am not going to say that none of our cases have had asthma, but when, err, I’ve been reading through the details of the underlying health conditions just of the ones that have died most recently, I’ve certainly, there’s been significant underlying health conditions, often multiple comorbidities…

[here comes the redirection away from low risk to the young and healthy, and to provaccine spin] …but I think rather than dwelling on that because even…[fumbling pause]…I just want to convey that vaccines work even with people with underlying comorbidities and it is important that people are vaccinated, and when you think of the fact that our experience with aged care facilities, ummm, has been very different, umm than we would have experienced in the beginning of the first, first wave, and that’s because we have vaccines. So I don’t want anyone to get the impression that if you’ve got umm, an underlying health umm  condition, that vaccines won’t work – they will. But obviously no vaccine can, is 100% effective, umm, and if you get a disease even if it’s milder and you’re very unwell, umm, then obviously it will umm, it, you might, you might be more likely to die. So I don’t want to convey any sense that vaccines do not work. I really want anyone with underlying health conditions to be particularly protected at this point in time, to get their two doses as quick as possible.

NSW Covid Media Conference, 7 September 2021

Apologies, TV recording. Two minutes.

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