Layers of Promotion

Madden Bros and KFCOK, so I pay for cable TV. I pay to watch music videos that are promoting songs from artists who want to make money, that are used to sell products whose advertisements appear in between the music videos that are used to promote the songs that the artists want me to buy. The cable TV network uses the music videos that promote the songs to promote their own cable TV offering.

Then I pay to watch cricket that is used to sell the products in the advertisements that appear in between overs; and between innings I pay to watch music artists singing a song they want me to buy, while promoting fatty chicken that Cricket Australia and the music artists are paid to promote.

And people wonder why social capital is in decline.


I neglected to mention that the cricket commentators deliver live-read ads between balls while we watch rotating advertising signage surrounding a field with logos on the grass, framed by on-screen campaigns from secondary sponsors, interspersed by closeups on the bats, shirts and hats of the players promoting Cricket Australia sponsors (not fatty chicken).  When there is a gap, we get station promotions from the network hosting the cricket.

Who would have thought that cut-through would become a problem for advertising?


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