Lazy, Arrogant, Ill-informed – Experts

Our Age of Revelation relies strongly on people revealing themselves through social media.

Here, consider four different experts and public figures and how they reveal their arrogance, laziness, and ignorance.

Here is Norman Swan, ABC talking-head doctor, showing he hasn’t been doing his job for the past 2 months. This has been an obvious concern for anyone paying attention to the biggest medical story of the past two decades. Yet only now does he softly and without comment start talking about Israel’s experience with the vaccine?

What the hell is he paid for if he’s only noticing now?

Then we see a reply to Swan’s tweet, from a GP, whom I leave identified as she did this publicly. She is advising patients on vaccines, has not kept up to date, is less informed than her patients, and seeks medical information from a celebrity through Twitter. What the hell is she paid for if she doesn’t do her job?

Now we see a Federal Liberal MP – lifelong soft Left hack Jason Falinski – taking his own Health Minister to task for the time to market for various vaccines. In doing so he shows utter ignorance of the clinical trial process, the role of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the obligation to deliver safe drugs, and the fact that none of these vaccines have full registration or approval in the US or in Australia (Emergency Use Authorisation only in the US, with barely a 2 month clinical trial). What the hell is he saying anything for if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

If you’re going to talk about vaccines, trials and the TGA approval process, at least show the humility to learn something about them. Why not just complain that Boeing spends too much time on test flights before launching a new plane? Does he even realise the risks involved in insufficiently tested drugs?

And journalists, equally ill-informed, tweet their hot takes with the same mistakes.

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