Liberal Party Councils Provoke Giggles Again

The Liberal Party Federal Council was on in Melbourne on 28-29 June this year.

To demonstrate just how cutting-edge and confrontational these Liberal Party Councils can be, take a look at a summary of the two motions the NSW Division was taking:

The first motion is in relation to Government debt and deficit and commends the Abbott Coalition Government for tackling the debt and deficit disaster of the former Labor Government. It also applauds the Government for pursuing the largest ever infrastructure program that will catalyse $125 billion of investment in infrastructure.

The second motion refers to Border Security and how Operation Sovereign Borders has seen no successful people smuggling ventures arrive in Australia for more than six months. The motion also notes the Coalition’s clear and consistent border protection policies has seen $2.5 billion returned to the budget and reaffirms the Liberal Party’s commitment to temporary protection visas.

Those must have thrown the cat among the pigeons.

Thank God we have Councils to ask the hard questions of our party leaders.

In the interests of transparency, perhaps Councils should be held in a restaurant with a lounge attached (and perhaps a back room or two). That way the real business of boozing, gladhanding, number crunching and building ever closer relations with party members of the appropriate sex could occur without the distraction of meeting procedure. Or ordinary members.

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